Authors Build your Twitter Audience

Authors Build Your Twitter Audience

Six months ago, I had 250 Twitter followers and posted perhaps once a month. I didn’t understand Twitter. It seemed like an incomprehensible stream of nonsense. But I also knew that it was important. A tool that could be harness by the wily self published author. So I did what I usually do when I want to improve an area of my business: I obsessed over it. I researched it. And I learned from those who knew better than me. Today I am closing in on 30k Twitter followers and I have a regular stream of traffic going from Twitter to my website. It was pretty easy to do once I learned how. I’m going to tell you what I did.

However, before telling you how I turned things around, I just want to warn you that Twitter traffic isn’t something I’ve found to be high value. Most of the traffic I generate seems to do very little, but as part of my overall strategy of creating ‘funnels’ Twitter has been providing me with a slow trickle of sales and newsletter signups. So authors build your twitter audience!


What I did

In a very small, shiny nutshell, I bought an ebook: Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors by Ian Sutherland. I followed the short, easy to implement solutions contained within his book and was able to:

  • add hundreds of new followers every day
  • add only followers interested in what I do
  • Automatically find and tweet high quality articles
  • Automatically retweet other authors
  • Automatically retweet tweets about me
  • Automatically sign people up to my newsletter
  • Automatically advertise my books and blog posts

The key word in the above list that I absolutely love is ‘Automatically’. That’s right, I have things in place that will automatically search self publishing websites and share their articles. This means I am constantly posting relevant and helpful information that my followers will appreciate. I also retweet other authors daily without actually having to do anything. Anyone that mentions me will also get an automatic retweet. Adverts for my books will go out every fews hours, but will be heavily diluted by the helpful, informative tweets that I have set up to send every few minutes. Therefore it does not look like I am constantly self-promoting and that I am an authority on self publishing. I still tweet manually of course, by I no longer worry if it’s been a while, because I know my account is active and working for me.

To fully make use of the techniques in Advanced Twitter Strategies for Authors you will need to susbcribe to a couple of tools. These cost money, but not an awful lot. Most also have free tiers. The main two programs I use are SocialOomph and Tweepi.

Anyway, many won’t be interested in Twitter, but for those who have been scratching their heads wondering how to find success with the platform, I wholeheartedly suggest that you purchase the book and follow the strategies. It works, and it is not difficult to get results. I can almost guarantee that you will explode your followers, but like I already said, Twitter followers aren’t a game changer alone. You need to harness the audience to support your overall business.


  1. Ian H Sutherland
    • 29th March 2016
    • 11:08 am
    • Reply

    Thanks for sharing your experiences following the strategies in this post, Iain. Glad to see you’ve found some real value form the book. I agree with your statement about Twitter traffic not being of high value. My personal approach is to convert as many as possible into mailing list subscribers where you can build a much more intimate relationship. Congratulations on passing through 30,000 followers in such a short time!

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