I am currently looking for advanced readers who can read my books before they are officially released and highlight any errors, typos, etc. It would also be great if these readers were able to leave reviews for new books on their launch dates and help give them the best start possible. The job of my advanced readers is to be my biggest supporters, willing to help when needed.

In exchange, advanced readers will receive new books for free, and often a week or two early. They may also get other freebies and special offers when available.

If this sounds like something you would like to sign up for, then please hit the button and I will speak to you soon.


  1. Natasha Dvorak
    • 16th June 2015
    • 4:07 pm
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    You know I always love to read your work, especially advanced copies. I always love following your posts on Facebook. I will splash this across all my media sites from Klout, to Tumbler, and beyond the Twitterverse. I’ve been waiting for thus moment since I received an early copy of the last installment of The Peeling. Pick me, pick me. Social media marketing, networking, and chatting up on book sites are just my thing. I’m very excited to be working with you and am eagerly *squealing* and looking forward to your new book (s). I guess now that everything has settled down with having the baby your writing career is back to full speed? So does that mean your little one is your muse?

    Looking forward to your reply and to get to the excitement of getting lost in the adventure of your novel (s)


  2. [email protected]
    • 3rd July 2015
    • 6:43 pm
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    I would love to be able to participate in advanced reading for you! I discovered you in late 2014 and have bought and read all your novels to date at this point. I absolutely love your style!

    My Ex mastered in journalism at college and the job Phil to me to help edit and proofread all of her work. It my ex mastered in journalism in college, and the job fell to me to help edit and proofread all of her work. It got to the point where it was second nature for me. I also recently just became a disabled veteran and would kill to feel like I’m to the point where was second nature for me. I also recently just became a disabled veteran and would kill helping someone out again and feeling useful!!

    I left a longer comment under your books section, but want to say again how much I have enjoyed your stories and look forward to many more!

    • iain.robert.wright[email protected]
      • 5th July 2015
      • 8:03 am
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      Hi, Jeff. I would be glad to have you as an advanced reader. Thanks so much for reading so many of my books 🙂

  3. [email protected]
    • 6th July 2015
    • 11:22 am
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    How embarrassing! I’m telling you why I’d be a great proofreader, and I (although I’m blaming Siri) wrote you the most misspelled/repetitive email I’ve sent in a LONG time!!
    Thanks a million though and I’m looking forward to helping in any sense that I can!

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