An update…

Hi everybody, just a quick update.

It’s been a while since I did a blog post, so I am doing one now to address why, and also to state my intentions over the next 12 months. Previous blog posts have been hosted at, but from now on all blog posts will fall under my official banner of The previous blog will remain active as an archive, but anything new will be consolidated under this single website. It’s good to have everything all in one place now.

For the last six months or so I have been hard at work, with three main focuses:

  • Redesigning my website
  • Building a mailing list
  • Releasing new books

d8a1406c6a33b71ef305e6c29050d791I am happy to say that I have realised all three of these points successfully. I have retired my previous website and built an entirely new one (and changed to being self-hosted). What this means, aside from it looking a darn-sight more professional, is that I am no longer limited in what I can achieve on my own platform. Having built the website myself, I can now make adjustments easily, and add future functionality (such as selling my own books directly or offering free downloads). The new website has already surpassed the old by offering complete product pages for each of my books, as well as allowing people who land on the home page to see my bio, latest offers, and author endorsements on one page.

Future plans for the site include e-commerce, a forum, and videos. I am much happier now that the website (mark 1) is complete and I am excited by its potential. It took many hours of labour to get done (because I insist on doing things myself if I can), but now that it is set up it should now become only a negligible drain on my time. That means more time for writing! Continue Reading →