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Hi there, authors! It’s your main man, Iain Rob Wright. You’re on my website, so that’s pretty obvious right? In fact, this page is all about collaborating with me, so by landing on it you probably already know who I am. Maybe you even think I am great (I’m not). Or sexy (okay I guess I am a little bit). But here’s the thing… I hate collaborating. Fuck I hate it! I did it twice before and the second time, everything fell to pieces and I gave up. It doesn’t jive with who I am, man, you dig? The way I write is not conducive to working with others. I’m a lone wolf, a killer whale, an overweight penguin. I need space. You’re cramping my style, I can’t breath. Get back! I think we should see other people. Except, not so much me. I don’t want to see anyone. For me, writing is something that should be done in one’s underpants, alone.


Love's final winter


But hey, I’m not a jackass, just a tad antisocial, so if you want to work with me, I am flattered. So here’s what I am going to do for you. I got you on this one, dawg. Relax.


You, and indeed all authors, can adapt my work for free. You can write about any of my characters, any of my stories, and any of my creations in any form. You can straight up rip my ideas off, yo! You can write a sequel to Animal Kingdom if you want. Want to rewrite Final Winter as a romance? Fine by me. In fact, once the book is on sale I will even let my readers know about it (There are currently 20k of them on my mailing list). My readers will hopefully enjoy seeing my ideas expanded, and you might just get some nice sales to boot. You can trade off my name, use my ideas, and have fun doing it. I won’t charge you a thing and you can keep all the royalties. As long as you are entertaining my beautiful, sexy, intelligent readers, then you are alright by me.

What’s the catch?


Well, there are only a couple.


Firstly, you must ask my permission. Just contact me via the website or on Facebook, whatever. I just want the courtesy of being asked.


Secondly, you must avoid anything overtly obscene – namely bestiality (without context), extreme torture (without context), pornography (without context), and pedophilia (without context). You can use those themes only if they are an organic part of an overall story. If you use those elements solely to shock and disturb, you may offend a large part of my army–I mean readers–and we will come for you, bro!

Jake Paul dab meme


The Wrighters are the strongest army out there, bro. DAB!


Thirdly, you must include the following line in both your Amazon product description (at the top) and in the front and back of your book:

This story is a work of fiction based on or at least partly inspired by the creations of bestselling author, Iain Rob Wright. Whilst the author’s permission has been legally obtained to adapt said creations, Iain Rob Wright was in no way involved in the creating or publication of this work. Quality and content are solely the responsibility of (insert your name here).

To find out more about Iain Rob Wright and his fictional creations, you can get 5 of his bestselling novels absolutely free by visiting iainrobwright.com. No strings attached.


That’s all. That tiny piece of free promotion for my website is all I require. Do that and I will share you work with my readers, letting them know that it is based on my own work. They should dig it, and so long as they enjoy it, I will allow this offer to remain out there for all authors to make use of.


Later taters!


Iain Rob Wright


P.S. If you were hoping to work with me in some other capacity, then contact me via the form on this website.