Hot Zone (MCU 2)

Sarah Stone is missing.

The terrorism threat in the UK is growing. MCU agent, Howard Hopkins, has been called to hospital. Not because he is sick, but because there has been an outbreak. Somebody has intentionally infected hundreds of people with Ebola Virus. It's time for the Major Crimes Unit to act.

Sarah Stone hasn't seen home for 4 months. Someone is keeping her captive. She intends to find out who and why. Then make them pay.

Soon Sarah and Howard's paths will cross, and they may not be on the same side when it happens. They are both looking for the same man, a psychotic doctor with a grudge against Western society and a mission to inflict upon the world the biological terrors of impoverished Africa. He won't be happy until Ebola, HIV, and Malaria are as much a threat in the United Kingdom and Europe as they are in the 3rd World.