Resident Evil – months later

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Hi everyone, so I thought I should write something on here as it’s been a little while. I have so much to do that blogging often escapes me. So, what’s new in the world of Horror? Well, I’m reading an awesome book about a witch. It’s called Hex and you can get it cheap for Amazon Kindle.
Evil Dead
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I’ve also watched the recent remake Evil Dead twice this month as I just love having it on in the background while I work (that’s weird, right?).

What’s been on my mind the most, however, is the videogame Resident Evil. It has been the most enjoyable piece of horror I have experienced in a long time. It was just so… fresh! The story was a little hackneyed one could surmise, but the way it delivered the horror to me on screen was truly visceral in a way I can’t remember in recent memory. The opening scenes featured images that will stay with me forever. Sitting at the table with the Baker family was as iconic as any scene featuring Leatherface or Pinhead. Being forced-fed human-offal stay with you.

I also liked the evolving storyline that slowly shed sympathy upon the antagonists. They were more than the hammy stock villains you usually get in videogames. The puzzles were just the right amount, the combat was tense, and the graphics were sublime (1440p on Ultra with my GTX 1080). All in all, it was the best videogame I have played in a long while, and the fact that it was horror title just makes it all the better. Bring us more adult games like this please. I want to be afraid.

If you have a PC, then you can get a Steam Key for the game super cheap from CDKEYS here:
If you have a console, then grab a used copy on Amazon. You really shouldn’t miss out on the experience.



  1. Margaret Powers
    • 9th March 2017
    • 3:51 pm
    • Reply

    Can’t wait for Extinction! Now reading 2389. Ian, you’re my favorite horror author!!

  2. Barry
    • 10th March 2017
    • 2:02 am
    • Reply

    Enjoyed the gates/legion very much,but i was miffed to find out that i would have to wait for the third installment of this end of days horror.But now my wait is almost over and looking at finding out the fate of the world.The chapter from Extinction has got me yearning for its upcoming release.Please try and keep the release dates between these books to a minimum,its an excellent read and i am impatient lol.

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