First came The Exorcist. Then came The Omen. Now there's another creepy child to keep you awake at night. Sam by Iain Rob Wright. You'll never see the ending coming.

When washed-up priest Angela Murs, and skittish ghost hunter Tim Golding, are summoned to a vast countryside manor to help a sick little boy, they have no idea what to expect. While it's clear that young Samuel Raymeady is a very disturbed child, there's surely no way he could be behind the recent spate of accidents and deaths around his home. He's just a child...

Sammie is dirty, malnourished, and perhaps the victim of a negligent mother, but as Angela and Tim's investigation takes them deeper into the mystery, they realize that there is much more going on than they ever could have imagined.

Sammie has a secret. Want to hear it?





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