Soft Target

Sarah Stone Book 1 (FREE on Amazon)

A non-stop action thriller in the vein of Jack Reacher and the television series, 24. First book in the Major Crime Unit series.

Nowhere is safe from evil...

When a quaint village in the United Kingdom is struck by a suicide bomber, no one sees it coming. Yet, this first attack is just the beginning of something far greater and much much worse. The days ahead will determine the future of the United Kingdom and if the terrorists get their way there will be nothing left but anarchy and ashes. War is coming to the UK.

Only one person stands a hope of stopping the slaughter before it begins and that person is damaged ex-soldier, Sarah Stone. Sarah hates her country for what it did to her, and that's what makes it so hard when she is forced to save it. Being a heroine may not suit Sarah, but she's all we've got.

Book 1 featuring acerbic protagonist Captain Sarah Stone and the Major Crimes Unit. Amazon.aus