The World Beneath

Today I will be reviewing ‘The World Beneath by Rebecca Cantrell’.

I’ve been thinking for a while how I can make my blog more of a regular thing, and not just post whenever I have a new book out. I used to write book reviews, but then Amazon decided that authors should not be able to review their peers (mostly because some unsavoury types were trying to sabotage the opposition or influence their own ratings). A shame.

Any-who, I have decided that I will use the quiet periods on my blog to mention the books that I am reading or have just read. As much as I am a writer (I hope most of you will agree), I have been a reader far longer. Most of the people who read my blog are avid readers too and will likely appreciate any recommendations. Let me know if I’m right in the comments section.

As a side note, there would be ethical complications if I were to post negative reviews about the books of other authors so, for that reason, I will only highlight the books I have enjoyed and would recommend. All of the crap I read will go unmentioned 🙂

Without further ado, the first book I would like to recommend, and one that I finished very recently, is The World Beneath by Rebecca Cantrell. Now, some of you may know this book, and understand that it is not horror. Truth is, that as much as I love horror, I also enjoy other genres too; most notably, Thrillers, history, and fantasy. The World Beneath is a suspense thriller with a little bit of urban fantasy thrown in. The official book description is below:

The World Beneath
The World BeneathIn this USA Today bestselling book, award-winning and New York Times bestselling author Rebecca Cantrell drops you into a vast, dark world: 100 miles of living, breathing, tunnels that is the New York City underground. This subterranean labyrinth inhales three million bustling commuters every day. And every day, it breathes them all out again… except for one.

Software millionaire Joe Tesla is set to ring the bell on Wall Street the morning his company goes public. On what should be the brightest day in his life, he is instead struck with severe agoraphobia. The sudden dread of the outside is so debilitating, he can’t leave his hotel at Grand Central Terminal, except to go underground. Bad luck for Joe, because in the tunnels lurk corpses and murderers, an underground Victorian mansion and a mysterious bricked-up 1940s presidential train car. Joe and his service dog, Edison, find themselves pursued by villains and police alike, their only salvation now is to unearth the mystery that started it all, a deadly, contagious madness on the brink of escaping The World Beneath.

I really liked The World Beneath, because it reminded my of some of my favourite series such as Repairman Jack and Joe Reacher, except that in this book the protagonist is a bit of a head case. His agoraphobia makes him interesting, and his sidekick Edison the Dog, makes him relatable and human. The coolest thing about this book was the DaVinci Code vibe where the authors paints a world full of hidden mysteries and forgotten treasures. To think that there could be secrets beneath our very feet is exciting. Plus the book features a virus so it’s a home run as far as I am concerned (actually its more of a brain parasite). The opening chapter is disturbing.

The characters in The World Beneath were all pretty well fleshed-out, except one or two which I would have liked to have known better, and there are a few surprises along the way. Book 1 in the series, I have already purchased book 2 and will be starting it soon. You can grab your copy today at the links below. It’s only a few quid, so what are you waiting for?

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