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Nick Adams is a salesman. The only good things in his life are his wife, Deana, and his son, James. In fact, they are the only reason he still toils at a job he hates. He’s meant for something better,  but something better never seems to come around. He’s tired of life and sick of standing in an empty shop for a dying business. Only a single, solitary customer has walked through the door all day, and it doesn’t even look like the odd gentleman came to buy. In fact, it looks like he came to kill.

Nick’s entire life is about to turn upside down, sending him on a frantic journey through a ravaged world that will lead him 500-feet up in the air to a hilltop amusement park. Is it the last safe place on Earth? Or are the monsters at the top of the hill worse than the ones below?

Welcome to Ripley Heights, where the fun never starts.

“Iain Rob Wright reinvents the zombie apocalypse while remaining faithful to its traditions. A book sure to please fans of both George Romero and 28 Days later, Ravage is the first book in a unique and terrifying apocalypse.”


The world has crumbled and the dead walk the earth, but all is not lost – yet. A group of survivors, led by weary veterinarian, Anna, and jaded scavenger, Garfield, seek salvation at an abandoned pier where the dead can’t get them. It might just be a place they can finally call home — but then again, nowhere is truly safe anymore.

The dead are everywhere hunting the living, but they are not the only threat. There are other survivors out there in the ravaged world, too, and when an injured stranger turns up at the pier, everything changes in an instant.

The world may have changed, but people haven’t.

“Iain Rob Wright scares the Hell out of me.” – J.A.Konrath

"Terrifying." - David Moody

"A master of the genre." - Matt Shaw