Sea Sick

Welcome aboard…

Police Officer Jack Wardsley’s life ended the moment his partner was murdered, and his recent record of booze-fuelled police brutality has prompted his seniors to give him an ultimatum: take a few weeks off and let go of the anger – or face the consequences.

That’s why Jack is about to board The Spirit of Kirkpatrick, a cruise liner built for relaxation. Unfortunately, he won’t get the chance to do much thinking, as there’s a virus onboard, and soon the ship will be overrun with blood and death.

There’s nowhere to escape.

Just when Jack thinks his time is up, he wakes up in bed. Was it all a dream? The day seems to be starting over again, but will this time be different? Or will things end the same way as before, with everybody dead?

Can Jack do anything to stop the spread of the evil pathogen, or is he doomed never to see land again?


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