A-Z of Horror: The Complete Collection

Be warned, it might give you nightmare. Don’t look under your bed…

Fear from beginning to end…

A rare collection of short stories, get all 26 fiendish tales from the bestselling series. From neighborhood yetis to military robots, this terrifying collection has it all and will leave you sleeping with the lights on!

Collection includes

A is for Antichrist, B is for Bogeywoman, C is for Clown, D is for Detour (Empire of the Tooth), E is for Exterminator, F is for Feral, G is for Genome, H is for Hell, I is for Ice, J is for Jaws, K is for Klutz, L is for Lamia, M is for Matty-Bob, N is for Nightmare, O is for Orifice, P is for Peeling, Q is for Quarantine, R is for Revenant, S is for Sand, T is for Troglodyte, U is for Urinary Tract, V is for Vulgar (Offensive!), W is for Waste, X is for X-22, Y is for Yeti, Z is for Zion






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